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Fountain Pumps

The Fountain Pump by Danner Manufacturing
The Fountain Pump by Danner Manufacturing
Danner statuary magnetic submersible pumps provide continuous stream of water with an adjustable flow built right in.  Manufactured by the pioneers of water gardening Pondmaster never disappoints.  Use these for all decorative fountain features indoors or out.

Fountain Pro Pumps
Fountain Pro Pumps
Click above for a list of premium fountain pumps ranging from 65 - 1300 gallons per hour. A perfect pump for statuary fountains. Built in flow control makes this pump great for tighter fountain pump housing areas.

EasyPro Aquasis Fountain Pumps
EasyPro Aquasis Fountain Pumps
Built-in adjustable flow rate control and with longer power cords than the average pump, this is a must see fountain pump for any statuary or garden fountain.

EasyPro Submersible Mag Drive Pumps
EasyPro Submersible Mag Drive Pumps
EasyPro Mag Drive pumps stand out from the crowd in features, benefits and durability. EasyPro offers a model for just about any need. For low head applications Mag Drive pumps are unbeatable and with few moving parts, their reliablility is unsurpassed.

Pond Master Pumps
 Pond Master Pumps
Click above for a list of true and tested submersible fountain and pond pumps.  Durable construction  makes these fountain pumps a choice for tough environments.  Can be submersed or can be used as an inline pump.

AquaTop Fountain and Aquarium Pumps
AquaTop Fountain and Aquarium Pumps
Click above for more information on AquaTop submersible pumps. COMPARE TO VIA AQUA PUMPS  Large varieties can be converted to inline capabilities. Quiet operation makes it an ideal pump for indoors and hydroponic systems.

Fountain Kits

Below we have a large variety of pumps for any fountain or water feature.  To determine what pump you need, figure out how high the water will need to travel then select a fountain pump that has a max head greater then that height.  For example if your fountain is 3 feet tall, you will need a pump that has at least a max head of 4 feet.  The more flow you want the greater the gallons per hour or max head you will need.  If you have a 3 foot fountain and you want a good rush of water you may want to then go with a pump that has a max head of 6 feet.

garden fountainsGarden Fountain Kits -- Take a look at our splendid fountain designs.

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